• Janette Eggiman
    I have studied Greco-Roman history and languages for over 10 years now. I have a B.A. in Ancient History from Cal. State LA. I then devoted 2 years to a post-bacc program of graduate coursework in Classics (i.e., Latin, Ancient Greek, ancient history and literature) at UCLA where I was able to work with many top professors in the field. I then began a P.h.D. program at UT Austin where I received my M.A. in Classics. I first fell in love with the Latin language and then with ancient Greek. However, it is not just the languages that captured my interest, the histories of the ancient Mediterranean bring these languages to life. Greco-Roman history, in particular, is more deeply embedded in our society today than many people realized. By studying these languages and cultures, one learns how the lives of the ancients have influenced us today. One of my passions is to help others ENJOY learning these languages and the history that is so deeply tied to them. Because of this, my approach to teaching Latin and Greek stems from history/material culture. When one learns about the culture from which Latin and Greek come, the languages become more enriched and the grammar is more easily understood. I have experience tutoring Latin and Greek at the middle school, high school, and college level. In addition, I have taught Latin at the college level. I focus on helping students build the skills they need to succeed on the AP Latin exam and to read Latin literature with pleasure and profit.
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Gender: Female
Tutoring Experience: 7 years

Latin language

Ancient Greek language

Greco-Roman History

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Under Graduation
University of Austin TexasMAClassics
Post Graduation
University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)2 year Post-BaccClassics
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