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    I'm Huda, Graduated O6U/ Cairo/Egypt with M.B.B.S. The M.D Certification was after the Internship Program, Consisted of Twelve Months of Clinical Rotations in Specialties e.g; E.R, Neurosurgery, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynecology. In University Hospitals Across The Country. Courses in Infectious Diseases Control, Medicolegal Aspects, Ethics, Psychology First- aid, Family Medicine and Planning Mandatory. Egyptians Ministry of Health and Human Services had assigned me a Family Physician. I was then reassigned by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Human Services as a Gastroenterologist in the "Nasser Institute of Research and Development".One of the Top Liver Hospitals in the Country. The reason was the advanced Liver Transplantations. End-stage liver patients, directing nurses, assistants with medical staff and students coordinating were some of the job requirements. Using the USMLE as a Guide Book in Medicine and Practice. Applying Concepts of Diagnosing, Investigating, Treating also Management Strategies for the Patient as well as Re-inforcing the Concepts for Myself. Now for the tutoring, I Have Been Tutoring Since College 10 + Years. I Love Charts, Mind Maps, Mnemonics, Visual Arts than Reading Books or Watching Videos. The reason; Active Learning vs The Passive Learning. I will teach you how to learn actively. I Passed USMLE Steps, High Scores, and U.S.M.L.E Skills, High Performance. 'Studying Smart Not Hard Is Key". I will teach you how to study smart, focusing on important information whether in books, questions or even interviews.
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