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    Experienced AP CS teacher; Proven success on the AP Exam Very high quality AP CS practice problems

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    I hold a MSc in Computer Science from the University Of Denver Colorado. I’m a Colorado certified teacher as well. I was a 2017 AP Standards Setting Committee Member. The Standards Setting Committee recommends cut scores for each of the 1-5 AP Exam scores. When I worked at Metro State University Denver from my classes students Programming Contests. My students write Java games and mobile phone games as well as other unique and challenging projects using Eclipse, BlueJ, and the command line.

    My services offer substantial advantages over tutoring by college students, professors, programmers, and online tutoring conglomerates. I tutor only one subject for which I am extensively qualified. I work with only one student at a time unless a group session has been arranged. My students complete all assignments themselves and develop an understanding of the underlying concepts.

    Mrs. Gayani's AP Computer Science A Exam Results

    • CS A Exam @ Private Tutoring 5 4 or higher
    • 2019 (20 students) 82.0% 100.0%
    • 2018 (9 students) 72.8% 100.0%
    • 2017 (8 students) 100.0%

    Courses Taught by Gayani:

    • AP Computer Science
    • AP CS Principles High School
    • CP Computer Science High School
    • Data Structures course
    • College Advanced Programming Projects
    • College Computer Science Courses (Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Science....)
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