• Amit Guptta
    I have got extensive understanding of mathematics. Acquired the knowledge and skills needed to teach learners effectively. This includes knowledge of geometry, statistics, algebra, arithmetic and calculus. I can explain clearly all the mathematical concepts to my students and solve equations easily. Moreover I can help students solve problems instantly. I allow my students to offer suggestions and solve problems differently on their own. In case a student is unable to solve a problem, I do not allow him to quit. I work with such students and give them the motivation to identify where they went wrong and keep working on the problem until they find the right answer. I motivate my students who want to become accountants, engineers, scientists, doctors and any other relevant profession. I also talk with their students on a regular basis to help them acquire the right problem-solving skills applicable in the professions they want to enter into. Moreover, I am caring and take some extra time to help students catch up with the rest. You may book a class with me and I will love to guide you to achieve your goal BOOK A TRIAL LESSON NOW TO START IMMEDIATELY !!
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